Bella's babies have arrived!


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Dam: Tielmari Catching Fire ~ Bella

Bella is a gorgeous liver girl from our "Fire" litter. She is a sweet and loving happy girl who almost always has a smile on her face! Bella has behind her an impressive ancestry of Champion and Grand Champion bloodlines. Although infrequently shown due to our other commitments, Bella did not disappoint in the show ring, winning almost all of her classes, and we are hoping for some beautiful babies from her. This will be Bella's first and only litter with us. For more information about Bella, see Bella's page.

Sire: Australian Champion Jomeja Tale Ofthe Cat ~ Kostya

Kostya is the handsome son of Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, French, Lux. Int Champion Ukukhyana Scout The Red Baron and Jomeja Make Mine Red. As soon as we saw Kostya, we fell in love with his good looks and amazing temperament! Kostya has followed in his famous father's footsteps and is himself an Australian Champion whose progeny has also been very successful, including Ch. Usakose Air Of Success of Gondwana "Mister Brown", who has been the #1 Rhodesian Ridgeback in South Africa. For more information about gorgeous Kostya, please visit Jomeja Hounds. Many thanks to Patrice and Jesse Johansen for allowing us to use this wonderful boy.

We are hyper-excited about this litter! This is to be Bella's first and only litter, and it has been in the planning for a long time! We are hoping for a very special puppy to join our family as a pet and show baby. Bella's Hip Scores are 2:2=4, Kostya's Hip Scores are 0:2=2. Most importantly, both parents have lovely, friendly, happy temperaments.



Amazing Bella has given birth to 10 gorgeous puppies!!!

She has:

All puppies have show ridges. First check no dermoid sinus detected.

There are still some puppies available from this litter.

Week 8

Week 7

Week 6

Week 5

Week 4

Week 3

Week 2

Week 1


Week 8:

With most of our babies moved out to live with their new families, this week our pack is considerably smaller! With only four babies with us temporarily, we are making the most of these last few days by giving lots of love and cuddles! Puppies are also getting used to wearing collars, and we're continuing their training walking on leads, coming when called and not jumping up!

The puppies week 8.

Sweet Miss Orange and Mr Brown.

Miss Orange.

Darling Miss Red.

Mr Brown without his usual cheeky grin.

Lovely Miss Gold.

Miss Gold.

Week 7:

Week 6:

This past Thursday, the puppies had a car ride (only 1 vomit among 10 isn't bad going!) and a visit to the Vet! Each pup was checked over for health, including eyes, ears, mouth, and heart. They were given their first (C3) vaccination and microchipped. Their second vaccination will be in six weeks time and will be a C5.

The pups are all ready to meet the new people at puppy visiting day tomorrow! Be aware that pups have had their microchips inserted on the right side shoulder (off-show side), so you will feel this as a little lump under the skin and a little scab that should be allowed to heal naturally. The area may also still be a little sore to touch. As the pups get bigger, the microchip will be virtually impossible to feel through the skin. the vaccination was given at the back of the neck/shoulder and there may be a small amount of swelling.

Week 5:

The puppies have changed a lot this week! They are much more physical now, and in between sleeps they are busy running and climbing, playing together and generally looking for mischief!

The babies have progressed very well with toilet training! They have nominated a corner of their run to do important business, and they are more consistently using this area. There have been no wet beds for a week now!

We've been working with the babies to help them understand that they mustn't nip human skin. Our kids are instrumental in this and have perfected yelping like hurt pups! Like all babies, the puppies do forget, so it's our job to patiently remind them each time we handle them, and we're happy to say that most puppies are now licking when reminded not to nip. It is a work in progress, one that each family will need to continue once the babies come home to you.

The babies are now taking an interest in toys! They are enjoying a variety of toys and have their favourites.

Bella playing with a cute baby boy.

Little boy looking very regal.

When you get up this much speed, it's hard to find the brakes!

Pretty baby girl practising balancing on the rocks.

Grandma Lili greets a pup, and gently reminds her it isn't polite to barge in.

Lili lovingly cleaning up her grandbaby.

Beautiful baby girl.

The incredible patience of Juno:

Juno is happy to share her own toys (when she's not stealing their toys),and likes to play with the puppies.

Juno lets the baby think she's won the tug-of-war.

Cheeky little girl thinks she might pounce at Juno!

Taking a break from playing chase in and out of the play fort. Watch out, little girl, he's still after you!

Wrestle play is fun!

Beautiful baby girl.

Handsome little boy ready to attack the rag.

Got it!

How sweet it is to be loved by you.

Week 4:

The babies have been busy, spending their days sleeping, eating and playing together. Along with the occasional yelp to tell each other the play-nips are too hard, they are practising growling and even barking! A few precocious babies have learned to wag their tails already, and it is always a joy to be greeted by pups with adorable waggy little tails!

The past week the pups have been eating soaked puppy food and have learned to lap water. Their mama has been weaning them and is happy now to leave them for longer periods of time. We leave weaning up to the mum and supply solid food as needed by the babies. She still enjoys laying in with them at night for snuggles, and it is quite normal that her daytime visits are becoming further apart, though she stays close enough to hear them and is always on hand to clean, comfort or correct as necessary!

We photographed each baby, but had to wake some for their photos, which is why some babies are looking quite sleepy!

The Boys

Mr Black

Mr Burgundy

Mr Grey

Mr Brown

The Girls

Miss Gold

Miss Orange

Miss Red

Miss White

Miss Purple

Miss Green

Week 3:

This week has brought many changes! The puppies' emerging new little teeth has caused the beginnings of weaning! As the babies' needle-sharp teeth grow in, nursing becomes a bit ouchy for mum! We take our cues from Bella. As she decides weaning must begin, and naturally spends less time with the babies, we provide solid food to take the place of her feeds. The puppies are very excited to have their first tastes of solid food, although at first most of it gets worn rather than eaten! The puppies enjoy licking the remainder off each other, and mum is there to help with the cleanups. At this time, they also begin to toilet train, going away from their bedding to toilet in another part of the whelping box. We celebrate when the little peebodies make it to the potty area before letting go!

This week the babies have started playing together in earnest, and there are some exciting play fights! Bella is a sweet, loving mother who is gently teaching her little ones how to 'play nice'. The pups are walking well now on all fours and are moving more quickly, even sometimes surprising themselves by running! At this stage, running in the whelping box usually ends with tumbling over and a shocked look - "what just happened?!"

The babies have also realised how much fun humans can be! When we talk to them, they clamber to be the first to get chosen for a cuddle! We make sure we handle each puppy regularly throughout the day (not that we could resist them - they are so adorable!). Ears, teeth, feet, tail are touched each time we pick them up. Nail trims every few days are now accepted as part of the routine.

Food is fashionably worn on the face, tummy and ears, and well, any body part really.

There is not much room for nursing the whole family at once now!

Week 2:

This week the puppies' eyes opened and they began to pay attention to things other than mum, though she is still their favourite thing in the whole world! They can now hear as well, and are interested listening to the many sounds of our household, kids, tv, vaccuum cleaner, dinner preparations etc. The babies were wormed this week, and are getting used to having their toenails trimmed every few days!


Content after a nice long feed.

Little potatoes with faces!

Bella went into labour without any fuss and has had a lovely straightforward birth! She is settling very quickly into her role as mum and is already cleaning bottoms like a pro! Mum and puppies are on 24 hour watch for the next week or two, so we are in sleep deficit! Apologies, as we may miss phone calls or answer like zombies during this very busy stage!

Proud mama with her brood after a long night!

P1 and P2.

Taking a well earned rest.